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studio equipments

*Microphone: Neumann TLM49
*Sound card: Apollo X8P
*Pre amp: Avalon 737 SP
*Outboard VU meter: TC CLARITY
*Monitor controller: SATORI + R4S REMOTE
*Headphone: Beats PRO
*Console: Allen & Heat 112
*DAW: Protools 12, Ableton LIVE 10, Logic Pro, FL Studio
*PC: MacBook PRO Touch 2.7GHZ
*Recording Booth: PRO Acoustic treated
*In wall monitor: Genelec 1073
*Preference Monitor: Focal TWIN + SUB
*Plugins: Wave platinum, UAD, All Antares Auto-Tunes, Pro, Melodyne, and more.
*Outboard color compressor: SSL Fusion
Stereo Analouge Colour & Master Processor
*Outboard color compressor: Warm Audio WA76 Limiting Amplifer
*Outboard compressor: DBX 160S Compressor Limiter.
*Expansion Audio interface for live band
recording: ARTURIA AudioFuse 8Pre 8in/8ut USB audio expansion
*Outboard Reverb: TC. electronic M3000
*Rehearsal keyboard: Open Labs Neko
*Drum set : Maple x7 & Pasific
*Drum mic set: Shure mic set
*keyboard & Drum Controlers: Ableton, Maschine Studio, Komplete Kontroler 61, Keylab 25